Denture Engraving


Allows our dentures to be engraved with the resident’s name during the denture fabrication process.

Low Radiation X-rays


Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by 75% or more. This means a higher and safer level of care.

Initial and Annual Exams


Every patient will receive initial exams and annual assessments with or without dental coverage

Full Facility Audits


Used in addition to our routine house visits to eliminate the possibility for deficiencies by the Department of Health

General Dentistry


Comprehensive Examinations, Fillings & Restorations, Implants, Crowns & Bridges, Root Canals, Full & Partial Dentures, Deep Cleanings,

Dental Hygiene


Very important to residents of Skilled Nursing Facilities who face challenges in self care due to sensory mobility and cognitive deficits.


Onsite Dental is an innovative and sophisticated mobile dental company that is designed to focus on improving our client’s oral health by eliminating and preventing
Potential problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and oral infections. We currently serve over 5000 residents who reside in Skilled Nursing Facilities, assisted livings, Alzheimer’s units and hospitals, in Southern California. Our team which consists of knowledgeable and compassionate Dentists, Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists and X-Ray Technicians, visit the Facilities very often and eliminate the need to travel to an outside Dentist. We start with Initial exams, followed by X-Rays and comprehensive dental exam. We then develop individualized and customized treatment plans that meets the dental needs of each resident.

Our professional and highly trained Hygienists visit your residents several times a year as authorized by Medi-Cal. Our focus is mainly on preventive oral care such as x-Rays and cleanings which is crucial in maintaining a healthy life. Preventive oral care can reduce the risks for some life Threatening conditions such as Aspiration Pneumonia and Cardiovascular disease.

Our mission is to provide preventative On-site dentistry to all residents. We utilize state of the art equipment and highly trained professionals to deliver a full range of dental services, providing compassionate and convenient care for the elderly and disabled.



We Specialize in

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services

  • Full Facility Audits

  • Routine Exams and Screenings

  • Full Mobile Hygiene Services

  • Fast Treatment Authorization Process

  • Low Radiation Digital X-rays

  • Fast Response Time

  • Effective Communication

  • Patient and Staff Education

  • Annual Inservice Programs

  • Timely Treatment Plan Completion  


3575 Cahuenga Blvd. Ste. #115

Los Angelea, CA 90068

Phone: 818-980-1200

Fax: 818-980-1233

Email: Onsitedental1@gmail.com


Monday – Friday  8AM – 5PM


Hours of Operation
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Kelly, Admin/Svcs

"Our experience with Onsite has been amazing. The patients as well as the staff really appreciate how they keep the families of each patient involved every step of the way."

“Onsite consistently goes the extra mile to make sure each patient is satisfied from start to finish. They truly have a personalized approach.”

Samantha, Admin/Svcs

“We switched to Onsite and we coldnt be more pleased. They are fast, efficient, and affordable. Most of all they work hard to meet our needs no matter the circumstance. We could not be more satisfied.”

Meghan Charles, Admin/Svcs



Years of Experience

Smiling  Clients


Doctor Mitra Mashreghi specializes in all aspects of General Dentistry. She earned her Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing (BSN) at University of Kentucky in 1998. She worked as a Registered Nurse for four years and decided to pursue a career in Dentistry. She graduated from University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in 2006 and has since focused her practice on the nursing home, assisted living and hospital patients. She is very compassionate and takes pride in offering the finest patient care and services to each and every patient. Her nursing experience allows her to combine her medical background and knowledge with her dental skills in order to provide quality care to her patients. This is crucial for the residents of long term care facilities, since they are often present with numerous medical conditions. Her combined knowledge and experience allows her to analyze each and every patient closely and develop an ideal treatment plan without jeopardizing the patient’s well being.

Dr. Ayonna Taylor is a Los Angeles native.

She earned her high school diploma from St. Mary's Academy, and then earned a Bachelors degree in Biology from Hampton University in Hampton, VA.

Dr. Taylor earned her dental degree from Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington, D.C. in 1998, and completed a post-graduate General Practice Residency at King-Drew Medical Center.

She continuously refreshes and updates her dental knowledge by taking numerous dental continuing education courses on the latest trends and techniques. 

She holds membership in the West Los Angeles Dental Society, California Dental Association, American Dental Association, and Angel City Dental Society.

Dr. Taylor has been practicing dentistry in the Los Angeles area for over 15 years and loves providing quality, professional, and caring service within the community in which she grew up.


Who We Are.....


Onsite Dental is a mobile dental service dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive dental care. We value excellence, innovation, integrity and strive to make a positive differences in the lives of your residents. We operate a dental service that provides ONSITE care to nursing homes, assisted living facilites, Dementia and Alzheimer's units, and hospitals. Our goal is to provide appropriate, necessary, and cost effective dental care to residents who will otherwise have to travel to see the dentist. The advantage, especially when working with the elderly or disabled residents, is that the care center is a familiar place, so the dental appointment becomes easier and less stressful on the patient and their loved ones. While integrating the patient and their loved ones into the Consultation and Treatment process, everyone involved helps to reach a positive and satisfying outcome.

Meet Our Doctors


Continuity of Care- Our residents are treated by skilled, and compassionate staff. Through regular and consistent service we maintain a lasting relationship with patients and their families. All dentists are fully committed to maintaining the folllow-ups needed to ensure continuity of care.

Communication- Onsite Dental prides itself in maintaining open lines of communication by communicating directly with the families. Follow-up calls are regularly made and records are submitted to the facility staff.

Professionalism- a California based dental service with experience in SNF, Alzheimer’s, Home Care, Hospice, and Hospital dentistry. Comprehensive, and collaborative dental care, numerous years of experience in the art of mobile dentistry, FDA, OSHA, HIPPA, and California Dental Board Compliant.

Convenience- Brings the dental office to you. Competitive fee schedules. Collaborative approach with patients, families, and your staff. Paper work management including copies of progress notes and visit summary list. Ethical and honest treatment that balances your resident’s needs with their health, Behavior, and available resources. General discounts and payment plans available.